The SleepyPad

Climate control technology combines with a network micro-tubes to deliver the perfect mattress temperature – and the kind of sleep you can only dream about.

  • Superior comfort – keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter
  • Dual system for individual climate control
  • Cools to 8 degrees and heats up to 47 degrees
  • 75% more cost effective than your air conditioning
  • Free delivery and returns and 30 night home trial

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RRP $699



RRP $1399



RRP $1499



The Australasian Sleep Association recommends 8 hours sleep every night, which means it’s essential to create a sleeping environment which is comfortable throughout the summer and winter months – and that’s where SleepyPad can help.

For All Shapes and Sizes

The SleepyPad comes in Single, Queen & King sizes.


Single bed

The single-zone temperature control unit effectively cools or warms the bedding surface for one person. Ideal for a single or king-single bed.


Single Zone for double, queen and king bed

Only need half of the bed temperature controlled? Get a single SleepyPad for your double, queen or king bed.


Dual Zone for queen and king bed

While the queen and king sizes are equipped with dual-zone units, so that each side of the mattress can be set to the preferred sleep temperature of you and your partner.

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