Will I be able to feel the tubes in the pad when lying down?

No you won’t feel the tubes when you lie down on your SleepyPad. The soft silicone tubing provides a comfortable sleeping surface while ensuring water effectively passes through the tubes.

Does the SleepyPad feel different to a traditional mattress?

Not at all. The materials we use match the stretch rate of the most common sheets and mattresses.

Will the SleepyPad automatically memorise my preferred temperature?

Yes, as soon as you turn your SleepyPad on it will return to the temperature set previously. This ensures that you’ll always have your preferred temperature saved, so you don’t have to change it yourself every time you go to bed.

Do you recommend using a mattress protector?

Yes. To protect your warranty, we always recommend putting a mattress protector between your mattress and SleepyPad.

What elements can affect the temperature of the SleepyPad?

A change of temperature can happen through a variety of factors including:

  • Ambient room temperature
  • Body heat
  • The type and quality of bed clothes used
What kind of fabric is the SleepyPad made of? 

The SleepyPad is a mixture of poly/cotton fabric and polyester filling. The silicone tubing offers superior strength and durability and is designed to withstand frequent and long-term use.  Likewise, pets will not be able to puncture the fabric.

How can I prevent sediment build-up?

Easy. Using a capful of Hydrogen Peroxide periodically will help to keep your tubing clean and sediment-free. Just remember, when using Hydrogen Peroxide, keep the lid off until it stops fizzing.

What is the best kind of water for my SleepyPad?

We always recommend using distilled water or filtered water, as standard tap water can result in sediment build-up.

What is the temperature range?

Temperatures range between 8 and 47 degrees. However room temperature may vary slightly depending on a range of external factors, such as body weight.

How do I drain the water from my Sleepypad?

It can be tricky to remove all of the water from the tubing, but it’s a simple process of using the water release key that the SleepyPad comes with. If you’ve misplaced your water release key, don’t worry, you can still drain most of the water from your SleepyPad.

Just follow these steps:

  • Hang the pad vertically with the connection tubes positioned at the bottom
  • Using two pens, pencils or other similar tools, depress the “X” shaped pieces inside the connector end. This will open the valves and allow the water to fall out.
  • If you have a dual pad, repeat process on the 2nd connector to drain both sides.
Does the SleepyPad use much energy?

The SleepyPad uses an average of 80 watts, similar to an average light bulb.

How does it compare to the cost of air conditioning?

The SleepyPad will actually cost 19c a night for 7 hours for one unit and 38c a night for two

Compare this to an air conditioning unit which costs an average $1.55 a night.

What’s the best temperature to sleep?

The ideal sleeping temperature is different for every person and changes throughout the night. Research suggests the ideal sleep temperature for optimal rest is 60-68ºF. Based on a range of factors, it may take up to 3 weeks to find your preferred temperature. It’s also important to bear in mind that your temperature will change as the seasons change.

Is the SleepyPad loud?

No. When switched on it will make a slight humming sound which is similar to a floor fan or a desktop computer.

Will the SleepyPad work on Visco and Memory Foam beds?

Yes. It works well on all mattresses!

Can I save on my utility bills?

Yes!  The SleepyPad allows you to reduce your whole home heating and cooling thermostat settings at night – saving you money and ensuring you have a great night’s sleep.

How do I clean and care for my Sleepypad?

There are a few things you can do to keep your SleepyPad running efficiently for years to come:

Cleaning your Control Unit

  • From time to time you should remove and clean the dust screen at the intake vent under the
  • To remove dust and debris, we also recommend using a can of compressed air to blow through the intake vent located under the handle

Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Your Control Unit

  • From time to time you should add one cap full of Hydrogen Peroxide into the reservoir to keep the circulation system clean and sediment-free
  • How to do this: Set temperature to 75 degrees F. Remove the reservoir cap and add the Hydrogen Peroxide. Make sure you leave the reservoir cap off. The Hydrogen Peroxide will start to react with the dirt and/or debris. Once the liquid has stopped bubbling, you can reset the temperature to your preferred sleep temperature and start using your SleepyPad again.
What’s the best way to wash my SleepyPad?

All SleepyPads are machine washable. Before washing, please make sure you secure the extension tail with a rubber band or similar device. After you’ve done this, simply put your washing machine on a gentle cycle. We recommend cold water only.

Once washed, we suggest you put your SleepyPad through a delicate cycle (avoiding any heat), or alternatively you can dry it naturally outside.

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